Football & Food in Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach

Molly Eubank

The weather is preparing to cool slightly, football is in high gear, and dining alfresco reigns supreme. Here are two ways to enjoy all three.  

Lucy Buffett’s Lulu’s at Homeport Marina  

Lulu’s is located in the heart of Gulf Shores in Homeport Marina on the Intracoastal Waterway.  Using most of her grandmother’s recipes, Lucy Buffet has turned her small marina restaurant on Weeks Bay into the place to dine when you’re at the beach.  Kids (and we use that term very loosely) spend hours on the ropes course and playing in the sand outside of the restaurant.  Adults sip Bama Breezes and Crazy Sista Honey Ale as they listen to local and regional bands that take the stage every night.  Lulu’s is more than just a local eatery, it’s an experience, and their burger is legendary. 

Jimmy Buffet likes his with Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes, but you may be wondering, with all the hype, is the renowned Cheeseburger in Paradise all it’s built up to be?  Our answer is absolutely.   

The crazy sista serves up a juicy, half pound burger made with all-natural, grass-fed beef and seasoned with Lulu’s salty peppa seasoning blend.  It’s topped with crisp lettuce, red onion, and tomato.  Of course, they let you make-it-your-own by giving you a choice of 7 different types of cheeses and the option to add mushrooms, bacon, grilled onions, jalapenos, and even grilled pineapple. 

Wings at Moe’s BBQ  

Folks gather on the porch of Moe’s to enjoy the crisper weather, cheer on their team for game day, and to gorge on some of the best BBQ in the country.    Moe’s wings are different than what you’d find at a typical sports bar. The secret? Perhaps it’s the tender way the wings are treated before they ever make it to your table.  First they marinade them and then smoke them which gives the most wonderful flavor and makes the meat fall-off-the-bone tender. Next, they throw them in the fryer for perfectly crispy skin, and then they toss them in your choice of sauce (the BBQ is popular, but one could make a good case for the deliciousness of the Spicy Garlic or the Asian Persuasion).  


Football and wings are a great couple, but football and Moe’s wings…well, that’s a match made in heaven.