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7 Aug 2017
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Most American’s vacation hours are spent during summer when it’s warm, the kids are out of school, and everyone is just itching to get away.  How long ago has it been since that vacation?  Are you itching yet?  Even if it’s only been a few weeks, there’s something about a summer vacation that’s vastly different from a fall vacation.  Summer vacation is busy, exciting, sticky, sweaty, and thrilling.  It’s genuinely awesome, but you tend to go home needing a vacation from the one you just had.   

It’s Less Crowded 

Fall vacation is more of a reprieve.  There are fewer travelers.  Everyone is relaxed, laid back, soaking in the scenery and taking it easy.  When that fall vacation is a beach vacation to somewhere like, say, Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, then you have the added benefit of the weather still being warm enough for you to stroll through the sand barefoot and to play in the Gulf. The only difference is, there aren’t a million other people trying to get the same sand, surf, and sun fix. 

There’s still plenty to do at the beach during fall –especially a place like Gulf Shores with the golf, the shopping, the fishing, the nightlife, and the dining. Fall is essentially just an extension of summer with fewer people around.  

 It’s a Must to Make Lasting Memories 

Think of the things that you didn’t do one summer vacation because lines were too long or it was too hot.   

Fall is the perfect time to cash in a few more vacation days and take a long weekend or fall break and head to the turquoise waters of Gulf Shores where you can take it at your own pace visiting: 

  • State parks and nature sites including the Gulf State Park and Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge  

  • Take a dolphin watching cruise or go for a chartered fishing trip 

  • Embrace your natural instincts at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo  

  • Spend hours go-karting, laser tagging, and arcade gaming at local family fun centers and amusement parks 

So, go make more memories.  Spend time in the fall exploring and doing (no extra long line in the hot sun required).  Get in one last hurrah before summer’s warmth fades for another season. If anyone asks or says, “Didn’t you just take a vacation?”  Tell them it’s a mental health break, and then make a break for the Gulf Shores’ white, sandy beaches.