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Why a Fall Beach Vacation is a Must

Most American’s vacation hours are spent during summer when it’s warm, the kids are out of school, and everyone is just itching to get away.  How long ago has it been since that vacation?  Are you itching yet?  Even if it’s only been a few weeks, there’s something about a summer vacation that’s vastly different []

What Beaches are in Alabama?

Sure, you hear about people jaunting off to Florida for the weekend, or maybe your family vacations on the East Coast every year. But what about a little further west (but not too much further)? What beaches are in Alabama, you ask? Let’s talk! Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Gulf Shores is a self-proclaimed small []

Proof You Need to Vacation in Alabama

Between the new theme parks, endless fishing opportunities, and amazing restaurants, it’s not like you need more reasons to vacation in Alabama. We thought we’d make the case anyway. The views are pretty sweet. Especially for dinner… …even at our restaurants. And you don’t always have to get there by car. Working out is a []